About Us

The New Way to Success

Last month we launched a new project aimed at clients that want a web presence quickly and easily created. WebDriveThru is a collection of high end WP tools that work great together to provide easy solutions to a number of small business and individual needs. Our clients love it.

Who We Are

Formerly Rosenthal Software, The Coding Pit is the vision of Jeff Rosenthal. Jeff began programming in the mid 70′s (1970′s) when computers filled several rooms. His passion for technology began then and has never let up. Finding an easier, more efficient and elegant solution are the motivations that Jeff instills in those around him. The company was re-branded in 2011 to The Coding Pit, Inc.

Jeff’s background and focus is and always has been technical elegance. This statement can be seen throughout the company as excellence, attention to details, and striving to leverage technologies. Working smarter, not harder, is a consideration of the company and one that is conveyed to our clients. Areas of expertise include ASPx, .Net Framework, MVC, MVVM, JQuery, Javascript, CSS3 and HTML5, multi tiered architecture, MSSQL, CSharp, C++, Mono, Visual.

Shane has been an established front end developer for some time now. Though recently has been the face of our company to many of our clients as project manager. He has done many works using various languages to achieve personal, and more importantly, customer satisfaction. His skills set is always increasing but currently he is noted for his HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Jquery-UI, Jquery-Mobile, MVC, and dabbling in C# and Android (Java) code. His willingness to put in extra hours to hone his skills has proven very successful and is considered a great asset to The Coding Pit. His value in this area is unequaled in the technology arena.

Paul’s background started in IT about 10 years ago. Professional phone installation, network cabling, and dedicated communication systems lead him to where he is today. Paul currently oversees hardware configuration, software changes and migrations. Paul also is constantly investigating new tools and applications to get the most ‘bang’ from advances in the industry. Recent areas of review are Hyper V, Windows 2012 Server components, specialized theming tools for WordPress, and virtualization applications.

When it comes to paperwork, transaction processing and organization, Cara stands out amongst the crowd. With a strong background in Quickbooks, financial processing and auditing, Cara adds a layer of sanity to the inner workings of the corporation. Wearing many hats, she tends to all AP and AR, maintains our growing inventory of hardware, and would definately be a wonderful asset to any company, but she is taken :p!

Our newest member of the team is JT. JT is a freelance developer that is helping the team out while developing his skills. He is a C# developer and quickly learning a variety of skills including design, database administration and a handful of js based languages and frameworks. He has proven to be a strong asset to The Codingp Pit and assists on most projects and clients.

Our History